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The Act of Uniting in Association

for the harmonious exercise of social life.


The aim of Consocio Network is to ensure the basic needs and conditions for political legitimacy are secured where peaceful, & stable integration is achieved through systemic philanthropy for social solidarity economy. Social Solidarity enables a post-climactic and long-term highly automated operations for Stakeholders at risk, with the impact of the Social Development Index providing needs-based liquid currency preserving life, preventing and alleviating suffering, and ensuring humane dignity against natural or artificial catastrophes and a pragmatic path to restorative and transformative justice. Legitimate actions for peace against violence, prosperity against poverty, and exclusion; for the interests of societies, has a beneficial measurable effect on the welfare of their communities, populations for intelligible longevity, sustainability by design.


Get loans and credit to transform our civilisation with financial technological infrastructure for an automated and immutable-grade electronic payment service protocol provider for trust networks of democratic institutions of security by representatives with automated monetary policies that reduce systemic risk and social costs. We offer decentralisation, with the most secure - PoS Enterprise Node RPoS Consensus- interoperable ledger, with all deposits insured by the assurance guarantees of the network allowing you to accept payments from any legal or natural person. 100% of Stakeholders’ depositor accounts are mutualised and hold in reserve, no tradable on secondary markets acting as a true custodian of assets safeties and zero leverage.


Stakeholders can collectively own the debt & equity Indexes of both security and utility Tokens as "Indexes" giving the potential to be highly automated, sustainable and impactful. Stakeholders are able to access, from the Pool, LP tokens to cover their basic needs or share them with other stakeholders in need of liquidity. The World in Your Pocket…

Beneficial Relationship

Symbiosis & Synergy

Our Vision of the Four Pillars Stakeholder Rights is a commitment to equity and guarantee access to the most critical goods and services through systemic philanthropy & social solidarity economy. We must stress that the intellectual property, technological infrastructure and producing assets should benefit all participant stakeholders and constitute a strong incentive for all entities to find a sustainable solution to violence and poverty, catastrophic climate change and diseases.

Deletory Relationship

Dysbiosis & Interference

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Own Everything

The Producing Assets and Industrial Designs (IP) Infrastructure that supports a Technologically Advanced & Sophisticated Civilisation.
1.287*10^27 Thermochemical Calories
For Every Stakeholder
Communicational Technological Services
For Every Stakeholder
Transformational Technological Services
For Every Stakeholder 9.5 Trillion km Per Year
Hospitality Technological Services
For Every Stakeholder 1.287*10^27 Thermochemical Calories
Every Stakeholder collectively owns consocio network
Intelligence Technological Services
For Every Stakeholder
Every Stakeholder collectively owns consocio network
Longevity Technological Services
For Every Stakeholder
All utilities on the index are set to grow on an exponential curve, and the intelligible longevity of stakeholders of the universal societies is achieved, offered then to each member-partner.
Universal Intelligence & Longevity Service Provider
For Every Stakeholder

The World in Your Pocket

Log in to your web3 non-custodial hardware wallet to start earning and attest your identity. Safely take your crypto with you anywhere. Consocio Mobile Stack is an SDK that comes with the tools you need — including a hardware-encoded Stakehold Vault — to publish mobile dApps and distribute them on the Marketplace. Co-create experiences that offer high utility.

Hardware Wallet

Safely access keys stored on the Secure Element

LSSI Device

Easy SDK built on Android

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Mobile Stack

Access to everything necessary to build the most useful mobile dApps.

Our Organisations

A synergistic relationship from the dawn of humankind for Sustainability, Resilience and Anti-Fragility.

Unite, Connect, Share

For Peace and Stability in the World.

Civilisational Singularity