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The Reserve Currency of a Sophisticated Civilisation

A harmonious ordering of natural and artificial associations, in cooperative synergetic & mutualistic symbiotic, interferences & relationships.

e-Social Enterprise

Connect your digital social enterprise to the global network through an electronic payment solution, providing a unique universal gateway, allowing you to increase the reach of the sphere of your operations to its fullest potential.

e-Social Banking

Transform your enterprise in store with a secure and immutable electronic payment service. We offer unique, most effective and interoperable ledger, so you can accept payments from customers all around the world.

e-Social Marketplace

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Every Stakeholder collectively owns consocio network
Stakeholders Foundation
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Union of Societies
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All major utilities are on exponential curves and the intelligent longevity of stakeholders is achieved.
Universal Society of Abundance
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Log in to your web3 non-custodial hardware wallet to start earning and attest your identity, the world in your pocket.

Hardware Wallet

Noncustodial Staking and Yield.

Stunning Showcases

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Fully Customizable

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Our Portfolio

A synergistic relationship from the dawn of humankind for Sustainability, Resilience and Anti-Fragility.

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For Peace and Stability in the World.

by the necessity and enjoyment of social life.